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Our Values To Customers

Rigid Industrial Packaging image

Rigid Industrial Packaging

The Rigid Industrial Packaging & Services (RIPS) division of Greif provides steel, fibre, and plastic drums; intermediate bulk containers (IBCs); filling services; and reconditioning.? This industrial packaging is used to protect and safely transport your products around the world.? Our colleagues are here to help you develop new packaging solutions or to partner with you to solve difficult supply chain challenges.? Our technical expertise and years of knowledge about your market enable us to help guide you through the product selection process.? With a location near you, our goal is to make industrial packaging simple and easy.

Flexible Products image

Flexible Products

We are the world leader in Flexible Industrial Packaging. The business is a joint venture between Greif, the global leader in industrial packaging and the Dabbagh Group. Greif Flexible Products & Services provides FIBCs, container liners, and other flexible packaging for chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and many other sectors. We are committed to being your productivity partner by bringing efficiency to your supply chain through a comprehensive and innovative product portfolio. An extensive and integrated global manufacturing and distribution network provides technical expertise and local customer service.

Paper Packaging image

Paper Packaging

Need a sustainable alternative to wax coated containerboard? Greif’s new coating line - GreenGuard offers a recyclable replacement for wax coated containerboard. Options include: water, moisture, abrasion, and oil and grease resistance. GreenGuard is offered in a variety of colors and overprints. Need bulk packaging for produce bins, food ingredients, and plastic bottles? Centrally located, Multicorr provides triple wall produce bins to all markets east of the Rockies. We offer preprint high graphic liners as well as two color direct print applications. Greif also produces uncoated recycled paperboard, coated recycled paperboard, tubes and cores and a diverse mix of specialty products.


For a greener Planet

  • Social & ecological
    responsibility innovation
  • Green Spirit
    Changement is now
  • Complete control
    of the supply
  • And many more
    for our planet

Key figures

254 Sites in 41 countries greif key-figure image-1
16,000 Colleagues greif key-figure image-2
140 Years of experience greif key-figure image-3